Organising a kitchen

  • Contain messes by housing sticky or spill-able food items on an easy-to-clean space like a Lazy Susan.
  • Give cookbooks a dedicated space.
  • Start hanging dish towels, aprons etc. for better use of space.
  • Store items by use. Think about your space where you use an item as well. For instance plastic bags & plastic wrap could be stored close to the fridge.
  • Group objects together for instance place all cookware below or next to oven.
  • Designate a cooking zone around the stove, keeping close all the utensils, spices etc. that you will use daily.
  • Stow utensils and tools effectively - think out of the box here. Think double duty - mugs could be used for storage of cutlery for instance teaspoons.
  • File plastic containers and lids or place lids on correct containers and stack if you do not have that many.
  • You might even want to consider a board rack for all your plastic lids - this is even useful for cooking pot lids.
  • Install sliding shelf containers, especially for heavy pots.
  • Divide drawers for cutlery - nowadays you will find many different dividers to suit your personal preference.
  • If you are starting a new kitchen or have limited storage space consider colour coding your appliances that will be on display.  White or stainless steel are not your only options.
  • Introduce baskets especially for your fresh foods or for things that you may not use often.  This can then be stored on top of cupboards.
  • Happy organising!
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