Top 10 tips when moving from one house to another without use of a moving company.

I recently moved house and was searching for ideas to simplify the move, as we did not make use of a moving company.

Here are my Top 10 tips:

1. Get boxes from your local grocery store – find out when their delivery date is and collect on that day. Get bubble wrap for fragile pieces and paintings...

2. Organise someone to take care of your pets while you move. 

3. Pack over time – I started 3 weeks prior to our move as I only had time to pack in the evenings. Heavy items in small boxes, this will really spare your back…and keep the box in tact.

4. Make a packing supply container with essentials like packing tape, permanent pen to write on the boxes, scissors, rope, small coin bags to keep screws and small items together, etc.

5. Label your boxes with the name of the room that the box is allocated to. For example main bedroom, study or kitchen. Mark boxes fragile if necessary.

6. Box valuable items together and keep it separate.

7. Unplug your refrigerator 1-2 days prior to the move so it can defrost completely and let it stand about 2 hours after the move for the gases to settle.

8. Use cling film to wrap cutlery trays, this saves on packing and unpacking.

9. Use garbage bags to cover your hanging clothes. This makes it easy to just place it in the car and right back in your new cupboard.

10. Lastly, pack an essentials bag for the first night in the new house. You do not want to search in boxes or bags when you are tired and just want a shower and a bed.

Remember the toilet paper!!

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Feel free to share your ideas with us.

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