About Us

The Organizer was founded by Linda van der Poel and serves the Johannesburg area.  Linda is a member of the Professional Organiser Association of Africa. 

As a student I re-organised my roommate’s wardrobe on a regular basis and remember starting my holiday, as a child, by clearing out my wardrobe at home and creating order in my room – only then did the holiday really start!  

I am passionate about simplifying life and my years as a teacher quickly guided me into a natural rhythm of creating order.  

My current experience includes working as an Office Manager and this has brought me to where I am today – passionate about creating order and simplifying life for others. 

Our goal is working with clients on an individual basis and determining their needs. This is done without judgement, having respect for their space, privacy and always ensuring professionalism and confidentiality.

Our consultation is free. 

Feel free to contact us so we can make your life and business run more smoothly!